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Permanent Makeup Services

Permanent makeup services are precise, safe and long-lasting cosmetic techniques that implant pigment into a shallow layer of the skin, beneath the epidermis, and will save you time in your daily beauty routine.

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Henna Brows

Henna is a 100% plant-derived, vegan dye that has been used for centuries on hair and skin. It is gentle on the skin and doesn’t contain lead or ammonia. It also doesn’t require hydrogen peroxide, so it can be safely used on anyone who is allergic to hydrogen peroxide. By tinting your brows with Henna, you can ditch your brow pencil & shadows and still flaunt fabulous looking brows that last for up to 5 weeks.
• They are 100% pure & natural
• They can cover up the grays in your brows
• They can make your brows looks denser & heavier

Ombre Powder Brow

Powder Brows are also referred to as ombré, Soft Edge, Soft, Pixel, etc. They are intended to give a more filled-in makeup look. Powder Brows are done with a machine and leave a light to dark ombré, which can be lighter at the front and/or top of the brows and going darker towards the tail, based on the client's preference.

Combination Brow

Combination brows can also be called Microblading + Shading, because it is a combination of two techniques. This style can be customized by the clients preference, from a full microbladed brow with light shading, to a strokes only in the front with the rest of the brow shaded.

Foxy Liner

Using a special pigment blend highest quality for the eyes. The trend is allegedly inspired by Bella Hadid who often sports a foxy eye makeup look to give the illusion of elongated eyes. As for why it's fox-like, it's because it has sharp inner corners and an extended wingtip. ... It's also a recreation of almond-shaped eyes, much like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner's.

Hyaluron Lip Enhancement

Via the use of a Hyaluron Pen the skin is infused with Hyaluronic Acid to plump and eliminate wrinkles and also to fill and augment lips, thus eliminating fine lines and wrinkles caused by aging or sun damage. It works by using pressure technology to allow Hyaluronic Acid to transfer into the skin through nano-scale molecules.

Body Stretchmark Camouflaging

Just as Scar Camouflaging- using a special pigment blend, properly mixed to match your skin tone, Body Stretchmark Camouflaging is available. This may be the ideal solution for those unwanted stretchmarks. Give us a call and start the path to enhancing your looks and getting your body back!

Freckles Tattoo

Freckle tattooing is a semi-permanent procedure to mimic the look of natural freckles. "Some people like to get their astrological constellation tattooed on."
Benefits of Freckle Tattoos:
• Makeup-free – Sunless - Semi-permanent - Youthful, sun-kissed looking skin
• Tattoo freckles are safe for everyone of all skin colors
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