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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an Areola restoration tattoo take?

• Normally, the procedure takes about 90 minutes from start to finish
• It also can depend on the amount of work required as each breast is unique.

Why should I consider Areola Pigmentation/tattoo?

• If you have undergone a mastectomy, your Areolas normally would require restoration
• If you had breast implants- You can enhance the look of your Areolas and breasts
• Irregular or fading Areolas and/or for any other cosmetic reason

Is the procedure covered by my insurance?

• The procedure is typically covered under insurance
• However, deductibles and out of pockets may still apply
• We recommend you check with your insurance provider the details of your coverage

Are men candidates for Areola tattoo?

• Yes, men have been recipients of the benefits of Areola restoration for many years.
• Men that have undergone a ductal carcinoma and/or breast cancer

Is Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) the same as a hair transplant?

• No, it is not the same.
• It is an innovative and a very cost-effective alternative solution to the traditional hair transplant.
• During an SMP procedure a specially formulated pigment is deposited onto the scalp to replicate hair follicles thus creating the illusion of real hair.

Is SMP available for both Men and Women?

• Yes- definitely. It is available and recommended for both Man and Women alike.

After Care Instructions

During the healing process

• Contact your physician if you see any signs of infection
• Use an ice pack to help relieve any pain and swelling
• Keep the area clean. Blot or rinse off any body fluids/lymph to help prevent scabbing.
• Apply Aquaphor three to five times a day, applied with a cotton swab (never your fingers) until the area has healed.
• Do not expose the pigmented area to sun, soap, chlorine, hot water or salt water.
• Avoid strenuous exercise to help keep perspiration away from the pigmented area.
• Do not peel or pick any crusts or scabs that form over the pigmented area.
• Do not rub, scratch or wipe the pigmented area.
• Do not apply topical cosmetics over the pigmented area.
• No swimming or submerging in water during healing process.

Note: Detailed instructions to be provided upon completion of each procedure performed.

Once healed (all procedures)

• Use a sunscreen year-round over pigmented areas, including lips. If you cannot use sunscreen around your eyes, wear sunglasses.
• Do not use chemical peels, tretinoin (retin-A), exfoliants or products containing AHAS or other acids on the pigmented area.
• Check the labels on all your skin-care products, especially any anti-aging products. Since many of these contain AHAS or other acids. If in doubt, text or call me and I can confirm for you.
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